The Every Body Is Beautiful Project

Welcome to the Every Body Is Beautiful Project!

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The Every Body Is Beautiful Project is about helping everybody believe they are beautiful … as is … because we have been conditioned to believe that we must change our bodies to make peace with the mirror.

It is about leveling the playing field.

If we no longer worshipped or oppressed bodies for how they looked on the outside, we could begin to take a deeper, more compassionate look into who we all are on the inside. 

More authenticity. Less perfectionism. 

If you have been following us for a while you know we have been doing this through Circles of Change. That work hasn’t changed, but it has evolved, and with it comes a new day and a new name:

The Every Body Is Beautiful Project 


Because of the pain we have seen so many people experience as it relates their body, beauty and worthiness.

  • When we stop comparing ourselves to unrealistic ideals, we then get to live a purposeful and unique life designed specifically for us. 

  • Our bodies allow us to LIVE our purpose and express our individuality, but they are NOT our purpose.

Because this message is contagious. 

  • We have watched when one life adopts this message how it spreads throughout the people they come in contact with.

Because the mirror reflects back to us what we have been conditioned to see and we want to partner with you to change the conditioning … to experience a new and more holistic reflection. 


We believe grassroots uprising is the avenue to impact the world and impart sustainable change.

Together, we aim to inspire one another to change this conditioning through our blog, social media, products, and trainings. 

Our hope is that hearing this message repeatedly, within a community of people who get it, will nurture you in living a life free from the oppressive habit of trying to achieve “beauty,” to a life knowing you were born with beauty. 

So, what do you think? Does any of this resonate with you?

If so, we are honored and delighted to have you join us. Here are some ways you can dive into this project right away:

  • Educate! If you want support in how to embody this message, or want to empower others to do so, join one of the education programs we offer through our non-profit partner + cause, Ophelia’s Place. There you will learn tangible, life-changing skills and will be a part of a community that’s growing just like you!

  • Buy! Buy one of our products. They not only fund this work, they allow you to reflect this transforming message within your community.

  • Spread! Use our static clings and stickers to spread this message. Whether you leave it on a dressing room mirror or stick it on your water bottle it. Either way, it does the trick of getting people’s attention.

  • Read! Our blog is a great way to hear stories and gain insight or inspiration. This is hard work that requires self-care, lots of grace, and a community of support.

  • Share! Sharing is caring and if you see something on our social media that resonates with you, share it because you never know who else is ready to receive this message.

We believe in the power of this message and have seen it transform lives. Do you? 

Every body is worthy.

Every body is deserving.

Every Body is Beautiful.