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The Podcast Episode We're Listening to This Mother's Day

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Our own Holli Zehring, is a rockstar of a parent and an incredible advocate for body acceptance and eating disorder recovery, and this week she was interviewed by Holly Lowery on her podcast, Well and Weird.

In the interview Holli shares with us some of her experiences as a parent who's teaching her children how to eat and live intuitively. But she's also opening up about her own recovery story, and the connections between depression and her eating disorder. 

Here at Circles of Change, we talk a lot about the connections between body dissatisfaction and the development of disordered eating behaviors, but for some, body dissatisfaction isn't always the root of someone's struggle. This was the case for Holli, and this conversation is a refreshing reminder that eating disorders come in all shapes and sizes, and that just because the signs and symptoms aren't always black and white, doesn't mean they aren't asking for our attention.

You can listen below, or search for 'Well and Weird' on iTunes, Stitcher, or YouTube

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