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The Poem That May Have You Tossing Out Your Scale, Once And For All

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Beautiful You: A Poem by Brittany DiPietro

Warrior For Change


The Scale is defined as a balancing device to determine what you weigh,

Some use it occasionally, while others step on it every single day.

For many it is a way of life to see what it will say,

While others fear it, and will wish the results went a different way.

A kind reminder that it is simply a number, so no need to raise the bar,

This number has no purpose, and does not define who you are.

The number on that scale does not reveal even an ounce of what makes you,

It does not show your beautiful qualities or celebrate the lovely things you do.

It cannot measure the love that lives inside your heart,

Or praise you for being a hard working individual that is driven, creative and smart.

It does not reward you for being a loving and supportive mom or dad,

For giving your child the best life he or she could ever have.

It will not thank you for the love and devotion you give your husband or wife,

Nor will it be your ticket to happiness and give you the most incredible life.

It is just a number, my friend though you may not want to hear it,

The best thing we can do is take care of ourselves mind, body and spirit.

On the days that feel painfully hard, and that number takes over your mind,

Take a deep look in the mirror, and beautiful you is what you shall always find.


Brittany DiPietro

Warrior For Change