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The Body Acceptance Practice that Can Help You Center Yourself, Anytime

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Disembodied. The very word sounds uncomfortable: the act of being detached from ourselves. Despite the fact that we live in our bodies and spend literally all of our time in them, many of us feel very disconnected from our physical beings.

As we check off items from our to-do lists and move through our worlds, it can seem easier to disassociate from our bodies. While this form of “checking out” can sometimes be useful — we don’t always have time in the moment to get curious about our triggers, our challenges, and our soft spots — it’s also worthwhile to cultivate loving and long-term relationships with our bodies.

Because as our bodies age and change, the one thing we can count on is that they’re our home. When we’re able to find our Self within our physical form, we will always have a place to take refuge in.

Here is a simple and lovely way to come home to yourself, no matter where you are. 


Gently place your hands on yourself. If you’re in a private space, close your eyes and rest in a comfortable position. Check in with yourself about where, in your physical body, needs a little love. Maybe your stomach feels bloated, or your head is heavy. Maybe your throat feels tight, or you are having a hard time making peace with your thighs or arms. Gently place a hand or two over the body part in question. Acknowledge it and how you are feeling about it, without judgment or criticism. Notice how it feels to both touch, and to receive touch.

At this point, you can continue to consider it neutrally, or you may choose to deepen into a feeling of love and warmth. Imagine your breath sending healing light to wherever it is needed. Imagine yourself receiving that light with gratitude — thank you. I accept this love, light, and healing energy.

Slow your inhales and exhales enough so that you become conscious of the fact that you are breathing. You don’t need to drastically change or alter the breath pattern; just sit with the steady rhythm.

You can also practice this, on a smaller scale, in public. Sometimes, just the act of draping your palm over your heart, or softly touching your neck is a reminder that you are worthy of love or that you exhale into your Self that lives in your body. You are worthy of love.


Rochelle Bilow

baker, marketing director, mover & shaker