The Every Body Is Beautiful Project

This Work Matters. And Not Just In the Ways That You'd Expect

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If you are here, there is a high likelihood that you feel called to do the work of body acceptance, body respect, eating disorder prevention and intervention, and education and empowerment surrounding these issues.


That is a lot of words, and a lot of responsibility.

You are amazing for doing it.

Can we talk about some realness for a minute?

Cool. Thank you.

Here’s the thing.

This work that you are doing? It matters more deeply than you know. It affects everyone you meet in a positive way. That is huge. We are often so focused on the specifics of our movement, that we forget it has a ripple effect. It permeates beyond our body acceptance online spaces.

Showing up and educating yourself makes you a more understanding romantic partner.

It makes you a kinder friend.

It helps you teach others with compassion, be it in a yoga session, a fitness group, a school classroom, or just a casual conversation.

It subtly shifts energy toward the positive in every interaction you have.

It plants seeds for those not quite ready to do deep inquiry. It helps you hold space in a big, big way.

This work matters. Your role in it matters.

Thank you.