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Things Would Have Been Different If … This Is What It Means to Give

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With the approach of the tumultuous holiday season, we’ve been considering a certain question. We asked it not to dwell on the past, but to inform how we move about our worlds today — how we speak to ourselves, and how we speak to our communities. We posed this question to our Instagram family, and we wanted to share some of the insights and answers with you:

Things would have been different if ...
  • I was able to trust and communicate my wisdom and intuition instead of discounting it.

  • My younger self didn’t believe her appearance was her most important asset.

  • I didn’t care so much about what others thought of me.

  • I allowed myself to dream without the automatic assumption of failure.

  • I embodied the message of loving my body much sooner in life.

  • I didn’t believe all of the comments people made to me about my body and my weight.

  • I had a body positive role model when I was younger.

Reading these answers fills us with hope because it makes us realize something very important: We have the chance now to give ourselves what we need and to then share our lessons learned with others. We have the opportunity to inspire, educate, and empower people of all ages and backgrounds, as a way to prevent and support those who are impacted by eating disorders, disordered eating, and body dissatisfaction.

This is one of the main reasons why The Every Body Is Beautiful Project exists! Why we share our stories, voices and truth every week on our blog and social. Why we sell products that reinforce this message.

And, most importantly, why we collaborate with our non-profit partner + cause, Ophelia’s Place, in offering online and in-person Education + Empowerment Programs.

Through the education programs, we have helped ourselves and our community take steps toward peace within their bodies, and gain a greater awareness of what self-love looks and feels like:

It forced me to face my body dysmorphia head on and fight back. It helped me gain a deeper understanding of myself, and opened me up to a community rooted in support, love, and passion for the people who allow it into their life.
— a college student who interned with Ophelia's Place
I didn’t have much self esteem before … but now I am proud to be myself.
— a sixth grader who attended a presentation by Ophelia's Place Educators

So on this Tuesday, November 27, which is Giving Tuesday — a global day that has millions of people all over the world giving to a cause that feels worthy them — we are thankful to amplify the voices of others.

We ask that you consider joining us in giving $5 to Ophelia’s Place education program.

You could also purchase an Every Body Is Beautiful t-shirt with this discount code [GIVINGTUESDAY], where you’ll save 15% AND give, as 100% of the profits support the work of Ophelia's Place.

And last, but not least: You can help both yourself and others by finishing the sentence, “Things would have been different if …”

Share your unique inspiration with us by hashtagging #theeverybodyisbeautifulproject on social media.

Hope. Community. Empowerment. This is what it means to give.