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10 Mealtime Reminders to Help You Nourish Yourself from the Outside-In

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In a perfect world, every mealtime would be a blissful celebration of intuitive eating and feel-good food. We’d eat intuitively, enjoy every bite, and finish feeling satiated and satisfied.

But we live in the real world, not a perfect world. Mealtimes and snacks can often feel rushed, hurried, stressed, or triggering. If you feel anxiety around food because you’re worried about eating too much, too little, or the “right” or “wrong” foods, you are not alone. We all have evolving relationships around the food we eat — in fact, part of what makes food fun is exploring questions like, “What do I really like to eat? What are my comfort foods? What gives me the most energy?”

Food is about so much more than energy-in, energy-out. It can also be about building community, listening to your soul, showing and sharing love, and trying new things or learning about other cultures. If you find yourself obsessing over nutrients, or just putting too much energy and thought-power into meals, try thinking about one of the following mantras. With some introspection, these simple-but-powerful truths can help us inject a little more heart into our relationships with food.

mealtime with friends
  • The size of your body does not get to dictate what, or how much, goes on your plate.

  • You don’t have to eat vegetables at every meal (really, truly).

  • It’s okay to eat purely for pleasure sometimes.

  • It’s normal and natural to occasionally eat past the point of fullness, and you don’t have to feel guilty about it.

  • Your body regularly needs food for fuel, even if you don’t “feel hungry.”

  • You don’t have to restrict or budget food in order to eat dessert, bread, or enjoy an alcoholic beverage.

  • The following words do not apply to food: “good,” “bad,” “clean,” or “cheating.”

  • Carbohydrates are not the enemy. Your brain literally cannot function without carbohydrates. Carbs = 💖

  • Sometimes food is boring and mundane and that’s okay. Lunch can just be lunch.

  • The amount of food someone else eats does NOT mean you have to eat more, less, or the same as them. You do YOU.

What mantras or truths help you redefine your relationship to food? Share with us in the comments.