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These Two Tests Are Completely Changing the Way We Treat Eating Disorders

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On a recent episode of ED Matters, an eating disorder support and recovery resource podcast, Carolyn Hodges Chaffee spoke about two tests that are changing the way we think about, treat, and heal from eating disorders.


When used together, metabolic testing and body composition analysis show a complete picture of how the body processes and uses food for energy. While it sounds scientific (and it is!), Hodges Chaffee, MS, RDN, CEDRD makes it easy to understand.

These tests are proven to give a better and more comprehensive story than basic blood work. They're noninvasive, and non-stressful for the patient. Finally, these tests give practitioners a better-stocked tool belt when creating nutritional and treatment plans for their patients.

Ready to listen? Tune in to the podcast here.

Get the book: Measuring Health from the Inside: Nutrition, Metabolism & Body Composition.

Curious if the testing is right for you? Learn more and book an appointment here.