The Every Body Is Beautiful Project

This Is One of the Most Important Questions You Can Ask Yourself for Real Change

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How can I help spread the message that *every* body is beautiful?

Every body is beautiful. We know this truth deep in our souls — and we have a feeling you do, too.

But here's the thing: Talking about the amazing, diverse beauty of our bodies to each other is kinda like preaching to the choir. We need your help spreading this message to your community.  That's how real change happens; with grassroots efforts.

Our friends at Café at 407 in Liverpool, NY recently asked their community how they might help spread the word, and the response was overwhelming.

Scroll down to read inspiring messages of change and conversation. Then, tell us in what unique ways you will share this truth with everyone you know. 

Don't forget: You can join the conversation by connecting with us on Instagram and Facebook, or by visiting this page on our website to act now.

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