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How I Made Sustainable Life Changes

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Let things be different.

If you don’t read any further than here, that is all you really need to know is the last
and key ingredient to truly make a change, according to Dr. Reiziss.

Letting it be different.

Whatever it is you’re looking to change; your self-image, your work, your health, your relationship, your life, the culture, the conversation -- the last step in making a change (and to me, the most important one) is, are you letting it be different? Or, are you like me and have believed that change is the path of uncomfortable, hard, filled with resistance, traps, feeling stuck and sometimes causing yourself more pain and suffering? Similar to the no pain, no gain philosophy?

Over the past 20 years, there have been many things in my life and within myself that I have changed. But just a week ago, I feel as if I’ve received one of the greatest teachings, and tools, of my life, when it comes to making a change. I owe it all to Dr. Stan Reiziss.

Dr. Reiziss literally blew my mind and has fundamentally helped me to shift my perceptions in a way that feels as if the axis inside of me is no longer dialed into an old belief system in my subconscious, but now oriented to the coordinates of my true nature. I am no longer in conflict with myself.

I went to see Dr. Reiziss because I am so tired of being my own worst enemy. No matter how much effort I put into focusing my conscious mind on thoughts, beliefs and content that lift me up (and I spend a lot of effort doing this), there is inevitably a moment where I get triggered, overwhelmed and swept up into patterns of thought that aren’t just negative, but border on complete self-sabotage.

My truth is that I believe we are our only source of limitation. Not society. Not our culture. No our parents. Not even systems of oppression. These all exist, but they are not what limit us. We are what limit us, and we limit ourselves with what we believe in all aspects of our mind.

Here’s the thing though: our minds are complex and layered. There are many ways to talk about these layers, but for me and my experience, I’ll speak directly to my subconscious and conscious minds.

On a daily basis, I play an active (not perfect, but active) role in evolving my conscious mind. I tune into thoughts, beliefs and content that support a life built upon love, compassion, peace, forgiveness, purpose and gratitude. This conscious effort provides me with a life that feels right to me most of the time; that brings me joy most of the time; that feels in harmony most of the time.

The key phrase here is: most of the time.

Photo via Ariel Lustre

Photo via Ariel Lustre

When I’m having an experience that is not most of the time, it’s as if suddenly my body and soul have been high-jacked by this hurtful, painful, destructive, limiting and critical gremlin that lives within my subconscious mind. It’s like I fall asleep, blackout, and the subconscious takes over.

What lives in my subconscious are all these oppressive beliefs bestowed upon me from the world, from society, from people of influence, that do nothing but belittle my existence, minimize my experience and devalue all that is of value to me. And then all I want to do is die, run away or hide. It’s "crazy" how this happens in my mind!

I went to see Dr. Reiziss because he provides people with tools on how to reprint, rewire, and rescript the subconscious mind by accessing it through self-hypnosis, so our subconscious is no longer our greatest enemy, but our best asset. He works with people from all walks of life, including professional athletes, sports teams, world leaders, speakers — you name it.

The experience of hypnosis and self-hypnosis feels very similar to sitting in meditation, though the pathway and process is a little different. There is so much I learned from him about myself and the mind-body- spirit connection in just four sessions, which I plan to reflect upon and share in the coming months. But for now, I just had to share one of the most profound changes in perception I had when he shared with me his five steps to making a change.

They are as follows:
1. Awareness: You have to become aware that a change is needed.
2. Desire: You need to have a pure desire to make a change.
3. Clarity: You need to get clear on what the change is and what it looks like.
4. Attention: You need to pay attention (with your conscious mind) to how
you’re acting, behaving, and thinking.
5. Different: You need to let things be different.

Dr. Reiziss said to me I had steps one through three complete before I walked into this office. Step four is a moment-to-moment practice as I use the tools he has given me. But step five, to me, feels like the biggest shift. He explained it to me like this: “Change is not the path of feeling uncomfortable. It’s the path of letting things/it/you/life be different. Don’t get focused on the thought and then take the path of feeling uncomfortable. That will keep you stuck. Uncomfortable is not the correct path or word merely by the sheer definition of it, which means to feel pain,
physical discomfort, unease and awkwardness. Different is the word, the thought, the path. Different allows for change. Different allows for ease, non-resistance. Different inherently lets things not be the same. It doesn’t fight against anything. Different doesn’t resist. Different is exactly what it is – it’s different.”

Just sit with this for a second.

It changes everything for me. It frees me from clinging to the past because I’m letting things be different now. It frees me from my thoughts about the future because I’m letting things be different now. It frees me feeling like I need to please, perfect or perform because I’m letting things be different.

I’m letting me be different.

Think about your own process when trying to make a change. Do you let things be different? Do you let life be different? Do you let yourself be different? Mahalo, Dr. Reiziss. I am forever grateful to you, and the tools and teachings you’ve given me.

All my love and aloha.

Jill Catherine