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It's National Eating Disorders Awareness Week — Here's What We're Doing About It

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Earlier this month on our Instagram account we asked you to share what questions you have about eating disorder recovery and body acceptance. We loved hearing what was on your minds and in your hearts. This NEDA Week as we promote awareness and celebrate recovery, we asked a variety of experts to answer those questions. Here’s what they had to say.


We asked Jess Sprengle (@thecrankytherapist), LPC, how to let go of those last lingering behaviors when you’re healing. How do you move from “pseudo recovery” into “real recovery”?



We asked Nicola Salmon, a fat-positive fertility coach (@fatpositivefertility), how to care for yourself and for your growing baby when you’re pregnant and in recovery. Here’s Nicola’s answer:


Today’s #NEDAW question is for Julie Duffy Dillon, a fat-positive RD who also goes by The @foodpeacedietitian. What’s the best way to navigate medical diagnoses like PCOS and diabetes, without immediately resorting to dieting and losing weight? We love Julie’s advice.


Today’s Q&A is for Holly Lowery (@hollylowerycny), an eating disorder recovery coach and the communications and education director for Ophelia’s Place. We asked Holly: What’s the best way to educate our communities about the harmful aspects of diet culture… without sounding preachy? How can we make these hard conversations actually impactful — and kind?


Today for our Q&A, we reached out to Dr. Kate Browne (@drkatebrowne), the founder of Taking Up Space, a blog about marketing and storytelling in the fitness, health, and wellness industries. We asked Kate this: How can we find the balance between pushing ourselves physically with exercise and hitting our goals, without getting obsessive?