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11 Creative Ways to Support and Care for Yourself

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Self-care. Support. These two concepts are so important to living a balanced life, whether you're on a healing journey or just want to find a little more stillness in your day-to-day. But let's get real: Self-care doesn't always look like it does on Instagram. What if you're a person who hates bubble baths and adult coloring books? Are there other ways you can nurture and nourish your soul?

Here at Circles of Change, we've been talking about what self-care and support really looks like in our lives. Spoiler alert: It's more about shifting our mindsets and creating space than it is about DIY beauty treatments (although we love those, too!). Here are 11 ideas for self-care, from us to you:

  • Schedule downtime, so I don't find an excuse not to relax. A booked schedule isn't sustainable if there aren't some free moments.
  • Take time to "just" think. No music, no podcasts, no chores or distractions. Giving myself time to process life events both little and big (and my emotions around them) has been a game-changer for me.
  • Going for a hike. I grab my pup and drive to a nature preserve or park. Being in nature helps me immediately calm down, and put things in perspective. Plus, my dog thinks I'm the best mom ever for the field trip.
  • Putting on a record, laying down on the living room floor and journaling. Could be my monthly intentions, or just getting curious about what's going on for me at that moment.
  • Pulling a tarot/oracle/self-care card helps me sit and be still with something tangible in my hands. Tarot is not really about predicting the future, it's more about being a mirror for us to look deeper into the parts of ourselves we're sometimes unable to see clearly. This helps me ground in and get clear about what I need next to feel supported.
  • I often take a long, steamy shower after work where I'll sprinkle essential oils onto a washcloth, which I just lay over my face. This is one of my favorite ways to 'bookend' the day — to transition from work to home.
  • Plants for self care! I love tending to and collecting new plants to take care of. It's one of those mundane activities that if done with intentionality, is super calming.
  • Rolling out my yoga mat, putting on music, and then stretching & moving my body in the ways it tells me. This is how I feel, process, and then ground myself through the ups and downs of life, as well as uncover for myself my personal way to dance.
  • Closing my eyes, focusing on my breath, and letting myself sit. As I sit, I notice all the thoughts coming up in me and all the restlessness, and I just keep focusing on my exhale. In a short time, I notice the busy layers of the mind have fallen off, and I'm just being. Breathing. Still in the magic moment of nothingness. I feel safe, free, and thankful to be me. Then I open my eyes and enter back into the world, refreshed, recharged, and ready to be.
  • Watching dance movies and documentaries.
  • Playing! I do this by going outside and doing whatever it is that in that moment (when I think about doing it) gives me a feeling of excitement, joy, or self expression. That could be going for a bike ride, run, walk, hike, swim, or surf. Whatever it is, I'm ONLY doing it from a child-like eagerness to have fun, not to exercise or even "move" my body, but to simply have fun and play!