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Here's the Living Proof that Diet Culture Is Dead

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Earlier this month, we celebrated #NoDietDay, a nationwide opportunity to talk about Intuitive Eating, the Health at Every Size approach to wellness, and why diets just. don’t. work.

We asked you, our fave peeps: Why have YOU ditched diets?

We were blown away by the responses.

Your comments confirmed what we have always known to be true in the realest way: You are strong, sensitive, kind, resilient, and courageous. You are bolder, braver, and better than diet culture. In short: You rock. Here are some of your answers to the question, why have you ditched diets… for good?


“Because they fail. They promote a lie/false promises. They drain you of your money. They promise happiness will come when you weigh x amount.” — @katieann_2692

“I'm just tired. I'm tired of trying to get my body to a place it doesn't want to get to. I'm tired of constantly thinking about what I'm eating. Tired of thinking of food as good or bad, and thereby myself as good or bad.” —@mollykapping

“It got in the way of me living my life!! It was not worth being sad, depriving myself, and anticipating all my meals and always being disappointed with very little reward!” —@miagvalenz

“Because dieting and obsessing over my food/weight caused chaos in every area of my life: my marriage, my friends, my family, my relationship with God... It nearly stole everything away from me that I loved and enjoyed. I’m only starting to reclaim it again, but truly starting to realize the chaos and unhappiness dieting caused me.” —@zoedelaneyy

“Because I couldn't diet without it turning back into an eating disorder” —@mending.brokenwings

“Because typically the diet includes either foods I dislike, or prompts me to eat in a way I’m not comfortable with.” —@salebub

“Because they don’t get to the root of the problem. Because they leave you hungry. Because they further me from my body. Because I deserve food. Because I deserve BETTER 🙌” —@ahofri

“I ditched diets because they’re BORING AS HELL. Life is way more fun with food freedom.” —@lifeonmaurs

“I’ve got anxiety about enough stuff in my life - I don’t need to have it about food and exercise too.” —@strongbeautifulred

“Because they don’t serve me anymore.” —@lifeandpsychandstuff

Feeling inspired? We sure as heck are. Check out the full post to read everyone’s answers. And if you have something to add, DM us on Insta or send us an email. We want to hear what’s in your heart.