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3 Important Things You'll Learn In this Digital Education + Empowerment Program

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If you’ve been hanging around this online space for a while, you’ve probably heard about our digital education + empowerment program. If you’ve been considering signing up but aren’t sure what it’s all about — or what you’ll get out of it, we’ve got you. Keep reading to learn more what to expect when you sign up… and what you’ll learn.

  1. How to have productive conversations around sensitive topics like body respect and fat positivity.
    There’s no way around it: Talking about body image is hard. Not only will you learn “the language” of this topic, you’ll get to practice it, in real-time. The program includes live group discussions, where you’ll chat about course material (like interviews and assigned reading) with folx from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences.

    The discussions are led by a moderator, and are safe spaces to explore how to hold space for others, while making sure you feel safe and empowered.

  2. The value and role of a treatment team in eating disorder recovery.
    Recovery doesn’t happen overnight — and it’s so much more successful when a treatment team with is able to work together. Clear communication between team members is key for creating lasting, healthful change. You’ll learn how a treatment team can enhance a patient’s experience, and why each role is equally important.

  3. How to affect positive change in your own self and community.
    This program isn’t just about education yourself — it’s about becoming skilled in leading change within your community. That, of course, starts in your own heart and mind. You’ll read inspiring material from people who have straight-up been there, and can offer practical advice on finding peace within.

    You’ll also be trained and certified in how to lead group discussions about body image and the harmful effects of dieting and diet-talk.

So — does all this sound good? If you’re ready to talk to someone about how this program will fit into your life, reach out here. Admission is rolling, and you’re never too late to start.