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15 Ways to Be Gentle With Yourself

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Self-care sometimes means backing off, stepping away, and being gentle with yourself. Here are 15 simple ways to do just that.

  1. Give yourself time to think it through before committing to anything.

  2. Writing a list of accomplishments you’re proud of.

  3. Ditto the above list, but this time make it about your qualities and traits.

  4. Repeat this phrase out loud: “I am trying my best and my best is enough.”

  5. Go ahead and write that phrase on a sticky note and attach it to your bathroom mirror.

  6. Heck, write another one and put it next to your bed.

  7. Accept a compliment.

  8. Ask yourself, “Do I need help?” Consider both tangible tasks and emotional/mental ones, too.

  9. If the answer to no. 8 is “Yes,” ask for help.

  10. Once you have completed no. 9, accept said help.

  11. Accept that failures and mistakes are inevitable in the growth process; try not to beat yourself up when they happen.

  12. Stop looking in the mirror so much.

  13. Decide where your boundaries are in romantic, familial, and professional relationships. Start to enforce them.

  14. Give yourself a night of solo television/reading/creating art/generally avoiding the outside world if you feel overstimulated.

  15. Honor your emotional boundaries. If something feels too raw or tender, give yourself time or support before addressing it.