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Important Things to Practice Saying Out Loud

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Setting boundaries with others and caring for yourself is a practice; but it is a muscle we may need to flex often through the recovery process.

Though we may be doing all that we can to prioritize recovery, at one point or another we’re bound to find ourselves faced with unhelpful comments about food or bodies from family, friends, peers or coworkers, which can make it really difficult to continue striving toward healthier behaviors. That’s where it’s up to us to set some -sometimes major- boundaries so that we can do what we need to do in order to heal. And though difficult, setting boundaries can also be pretty darn empowering, if we do say so ourselves!

Here are some helpful phrases to practice saying out loud — even if it’s just to your bathroom mirror for now.

  • That makes me feel uncomfortable.

  • I’d rather not talk about that — let’s chat about something else.

  • That’s hurtful to me.

  • I need to take a break so I can eat a snack.

  • Diet and body talk is triggering to me. Please refrain from discussing it around me.

  • I’m hungry.

  • I’m full.

  • Thanks for your opinion. Anyway… [subtext: SHUT. IT. DOWN!]

  • I need support. Can we talk?

  • I’d like to be left alone. Can we connect later?

  • I love myself.

  • I can’t handle that right now.

  • This is what I need from you:

speaking out loud

If you’re struggling in your relationships with others or yourself, we encourage you to seek professional help.