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10 Lovely Little Ways to Celebrate Your Body this Spring

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Ahh, spring. It’s the sweetest time of the year. Just listen to those birds chirping, lawn mowers starting up for the first time all year, children playing outside, and incessant fear-mongering advertising warning us that “swimsuit season” is just around the corner.


Since when did beach days and pool parties become things to fear, dread, and stress the heck out about? (Okay, we know the answer. Since diet culture started lurking around.)

Here’s the thing: We get it. Shedding the cozy sweaters and comfy pajama pants you lived in all winter long can be a little uncomfortable — whether or not you struggle with body image. Remembering parts of your body that lay dormant for months can be fun, funny, downright painful, and sometimes a combination of all three. When we’re encouraged to lose weight and change our physical selves just in order to enjoy a friggin’ season… well, it gets even harder.

Frankly, we’re sick of diet culture’s gaslighting ways. This spring, we’ll be celebrating, not shaming our bodies. We’re going to start with these 10 lovely little things. Will you join us? Tag your body love on social media with @theeverybodyisbeautifulproject and #theeverybodyisbeautifulproject, so we can share in the positive vibes!

  1. Walk barefoot in the grass (just avoid dog parks, mmkay?).

  2. Wear floral prints.

  3. Tuck a fresh flower behind your ear or in your hair.

  4. Try a new scent on your body with perfume, lotion, or oils.

  5. Sit outside in the sun and soak up the sweet, sweet rays — don’t forget your hat and SPF!

  6. Donate old spring and summer clothes you no longer wear.

  7. Paint your toenails.

  8. Eat a meal outside.

  9. Drink plenty of water as the weather heats up.

  10. Breathe, breathe, breathe. Remember that nothing is permanent, including bad body image days and perfect sunny skies. Try to remain present and trust that it is all okay.