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Lovely Little Ways to Help You Feel Delicious this Summer

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Summertime, and the livin’ is… overflowing with bogus nutrition advice, expensive products and programs for weight loss, and endless body shaming?


This is not the way it’s supposed to be!

In a season of sunshine, creamy cold sweet treats, bare feet and grass, barbecues and beaches, and good, old-fashioned sweaty fun, our society spends WAY too much time worrying about how we look. Wouldn’t it be amazing to feel fully present during a vacation day, rather than devoting mental and emotional energy to food rules, body size, and comparisons with other folx?

We think so. In light of that, here’s a handful of lovely little ways to help you feel every bit the summer god/goddess you are. Have any to add? Share ‘em with us on social media by tagging @theeverybodyisbeautifulproject. xo, sweet summer babes.

  • Bring a friend swimsuit shopping and treat yourselves to a lunch afterwards. Shopping for bathing suits can be stressful. That’s the realness. So bring a supportive bud along for the ride, and spend a few minutes beforehand discussing any fears or anxieties you have about the process. Gently remind each other that you’re there to support one another, and promise to leave body shaming language out of the dressing room. Remember: This is a purchase that will help you have FUN at the pool or beach. Hell yeah!

  • Unfollow social media accounts that trigger the comparison monster. Social media is best when it helps you connect with your community and/or inspires you. Actually, TBH, that’s pretty much all it’s good for. Any sosh meedz that elicits negative self-talk, shames you, or makes you feel like a weird stalker is not serving you. Get rid of that stuff. Follow people who represent a wide diversity of physical beauty.

  • Catch some sun. With the proper sun protection (hat/sunglasses/sun protectant lotion pls), get your cute booty outside while it’s nice! Vitamin D can help boost your mood, which may help you feel more present and engaged with your life. Plus, it just feels good.

  • Eat an icy treat. What’s your jam? Soft-serve swirl? Peppermint ice cream? Sweet and strong iced coffee? Coconut sorbet? Whatever it is, allow yourself to eat it and enjoy every bite. Some foods just taste better outside, in pleasant weather. If doing this spontaneously feels challenging, consider discussing it with a trusted friend/family member, or your treatment team first, and making a game plan to enjoy with someone you trust.

  • Move your body in unconventional ways. Props to all of the runners, bikers, and fitness folx. But whether you love traditional exercise or not, there’s something so exciting about moving your body outside, in warmth. Think: less exertion, more play. We’re talking dance parties, kartwheels, rolling down hills, hula hooping… what else can you think of?

  • Take a hint from kiddos. Kids have got this whole “summer fun” thing figured out. If you find yourself stressing out about your body and food choices, observe the way children approach this glorious season. We may never completely get back to the days of 100% blissfully carefree summer livin’, but every day is an opportunity to get a little bit closer.