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The One Question That Allows Me to Regain Power Around Moving My Body

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So much of the chatter this time of year centered around moving our body can be saturated with mixed messages.

It’s not my place, nor I believe it’s anyone’s place to tell another human “why” they should move their body.

All of our stories are unique.

All of our desires are personal, with our wellness running deep.

But what I will take up the space to say is this:

  • We are not cookie-cutter legs, abs, arms, or any body part.
  • We are not numbers of any sort of measure.
  • We are people, full human beings, with hearts, minds and lives that matter.
  • We are dreams in creation, passions in expression, love in action.

For me, I find it helpful to ask myself often, “Why am I choosing to move my body today?” because it naturally creates an invitation for me to take my power back or remain in my power.

I’m making the choice to move.

Not the media, not the coach, not the partner, not the trainer, not the lover, not the teacher, but me.

And if I’m making this choice, which part of me is running the show?

Is it the insecure, unworthy feeling, unloved and ashamed me that defaults into seeking external reward? A pain and punishment mentality.

Or, is it the goddess warrior me, who turns to self-love and care by using movement as a way to integrate – to get inside my body as a way to ground, get centered and connected.

The goddess warrior me who moves for pleasure, for the inner feelings of power it brings me, for the grace it gives me.

All parts of me are worthy of love, but I save my movement for the warrior goddess in me because she’s who I want to activate as I’m exerting my physical form.

She’s the one I want to give energy to as my spirit lifts.

She’s the one I want to make room for as my mind calms.

She’s who I know to be, and want to bring forward in my body and in my life.

She’s why I choose to move.

Why do you?

Share with us in the comments section below. We would absolutely love to know. 

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