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Self-Love Is A Journey — And It Can Often Start with Self-Care

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Valentine’s Day: A holiday where society tells us we should go above and beyond to express our love for one another through cards, candy, roses, and grand gestures. We are often encouraged to spare no expense to ensure that the individuals we hold near and dear to our hearts feel special, adored, and loved. But when it comes to ourselves, where is the love? (or the self-love, that is!)

For many of us, it is in our nature to selflessly give our all to those around us, working overtime to ensure that they know their worth — while we put ourselves on the back burner. Can you relate? The reality is that we deserve to treat ourselves with the exact amount of effort, kindness, and respect… not only on this day of professed love, but every single day.

I’m not suggesting that you buy yourself a dozen roses (although that would be a sweet gift if you’re feelin’ it!) but perhaps instead knowing that you are worth of every single one in the bouquet. There are so many ways that we can experience love and appreciation for ourselves; if you’re not sure where to start, self-care is a beautiful way to cultivate some love yourself.


What might self-care and self-love look like to you? Maybe It is remembering that we deserve a day of pampering at the spa, and the calm, zen-like feeling that comes over us as we experience pure bliss. Maybe it is a day of absolutely nothing, watching our favorite television shows, reading a book that we’ve been wanting to dive into, or taking that nap that feels like the impossible dream with the chaos that life can bring. We deserve the euphoric and proud moment when our more than capable bodies surprise us with their strength, as we take on that hiking trail, bike ride, or any form of movement that feels nurturing, exciting, and fun in our bodies.

And, of course there is the sometimes-difficult task of finding beauty within ourselves. Life certainly does not need to feel like a self-love fest every single day. However, it is not selfish to feel good in the skin we are in. It is your permanent home base, right? So, treat it with the TLC that it deserves — whatever that looks like for you!

It is a worthwhile goal to seek gratitude for your physical body — and it's just as important to find acceptance (and maybe even love!) for our feelings, emotions, and thoughts.

Long story short? It is your divine right to proudly practice self-love and self-care. By doing so, you are partaking in the ultimate win-win. By taking care of ourselves, our hearts naturally spread the positivity and love to the ones around us. I challenge you to fill yourself up with love in whichever way it suits you best, and to be your own Valentine... maybe even all year-round!

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Brittany Dipietro

Brittany is a Fitness Instructor/Event Planner based in New Hartford, NY. She is a proud wife, daughter, sister, aunt, cat mom, and friend to those in her community. Brittany has a deep passion for eating disorder/body dysmorphia awareness, and is honored to have recently completed the certificate program for Ophelia’s Place.